Video: Dolphin "attacks" girl in Ireland

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Swimmers have been warned to steer clear of a resident dolphin in Ireland after a video emerged of the animal apparently attacking a girl.

It is thought the dolphin in the video is Dusty, who has lived off the Conty Clare coast for more than 10 years.

A spokeswoman for Dolphin Days Ireland, said people should leave the mammal alone during the peak tourism season, suggesting she "needs a break" from over zealous tourists trying to swim with her.

Jan Ploeg has been swimming with Dusty for years without any trouble, and says she needs to be respected.

He told the Mirror: "I'm a nice guy but if you have someone jumping onto my back all day and annoying me and hurting me, then I'm going to retaliate.

"It's not about how much experience you have swimming with these dolphins, it's about respecting them."

According to the Irish Central, Dusty has been involved in four similar incidents in the last month in Doolin harbour.

The paper suggests that the dolphin may have become territorial over her 'patch' at the pier.

The Irish Times reports that the woman in this video was struck in the kidney area by Dusty's nose, leaving her winded.

She was treated at the scene by Coast Guard and was taken to a hospital in Limerick for treatment. She was said to be left bruised and shocked by the incident.

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) recently put up warning posters at Doolin pier.

Speaking to the Irish Times, IWDG coordinator Dr Simon Berrow said: "It is our policy to discourage people swimming with whales and dolphins in Ireland. We've drafted a poster recommending people do not swim with Dusty, but if they must, then they should respect her as a wild dolphin and not grab, lunge or chase after her. If she shows aggressive behaviour or is boisterous they should leave the water."

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