Video: Extreme noughts and crosses

Video: Extreme noughts and crosses

It's the old long-journey stalwart; as long as you've got a pen and a scrap of paper, noughts and crosses was an easy, if last-resort way to stave off back-of-the-car boredom as a child.

Now, someone has had the ingenious idea of livening up the age-old game. Rather than playing in a car, they've decided to play it with a car. Oh, and with a stunt plane, too.
In what is actually an epic Gymkhana battle between a modified BMW M3 and a highly agile Zivko Edge acrobatics plane, the game of noughts and crosses is used to keep a tally on the circuits each driver – Dominic Tiroch in the BMW and Hannes Arch in the plane – completes of the outlying course.

In reality, the progress of the game is a tad hard to follow, though like us, you're probably more interested in the insane moves both of these talented helmsmen can pull off in their respective machines. There's even a couple of attractive ladies thrown in for good measure.

Enjoy (with thanks to Car Throttle)

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