Sales of new games console slow

NintendoGames giant Nintendo has sold 160,000 of its new Wii U console in the last three months.

The sales bring the total worldwide number of Wii U sales since it was launched last November to 3.61 million.

The console features the GamePad controller, a tablet-type device that allows users to continue playing after the connected television has been turned off or switched to another channel, but received mixed reviews with concern surrounding the amount of games available to justify the cost.

Nintendo said new Wii U games to be introduced later in the year were likely to boost sales.
The newly released figures show that the Japanese company's older product, the Wii, was more popular with 210,000 sold from April to June while there were 1.4 million sales of the Nintendo 3DS.

The video games industry has suffered in recent years due to the rise of smartphones and other devices that also offer online entertainment.
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