Motorist caught at 165mph insists he will carry on driving

Motorist caught at 165mph insists he will carry on driving

A man caught reaching speeds of up to 165mph on a Liverpool motorway told the court that banned him from driving for three years: "I'm still going to drive - catch me if you can."

Shiad Mahmoon, an unemployed 24-year-old from Oldham, was spotted driving between 144mph-165mph on the M57, but likely hit a top speed exceeding the upper recorded figures.

The police officers that stopped Mahmoon as he raced along the empty motorway said that the hired Audi R8 he was piloting was travelling at the fastest speed they had ever recorded.

But Mahmoon showed little remorse for his potentially dangerous actions, telling the court that he would be back behind the wheel even if he was banned.

He also searched his pockets sarcastically at one point and said he was "about £10 short" of paying the full fine immediately, the Telegraph reported.

Sergeant Mike Clarey, one of the officers who pulled over Mr Mahmoon, told the Telegraph: "Travelling at such a high speed put Mahmoon in danger and also could have put other drivers in danger.

"Mahmoon showed a blatant disregard for the law even after he was sentenced.

"Our message to anyone who flouts the law to such a degree is that we will use all the technology we have available to bring you to justice."

The Independent also reported that Mahmoon had previous convictions for both driving while disqualified and driving without due care and attention.

Mahmood was ordered to pay a total of £515 in fines and costs, banned from driving for three years and told he would have to re-take the test should he ever want to drive again.

The BBC's report has video footage taken from the police helicopter that shows the Audi R8 speeding along the motorway.
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