John "Two Jags" Prescott photographed directing traffic on Humberside

John 'Two Jags' Prescott photographed directing traffic on Humberside

The former Deputy Prime Minister found himself directing traffic after an impromptu snarl-up led to tempers fraying in a Hull car park at the weekend.

Dubbed "Two Jags" after it was revealed to the media that he owned one Jaguar and used another as his ministerial vehicle, Prezza found himself waving traffic by hand in an attempt to clear the jam.
Witnesses said the Labour stalwart sprang from his vehicle and stood in the middle of the road and did his best traffic cop impression, much to the amusement of local motorists.

Prescott missed out on becoming Humberside's police and crime commissioner last year but joked: "I may not be commissioner, but I can be a traffic cop!" to a bystander.

According to the Daily Mail he had been attending Hull's Veterans' Weekend in a local park when he got caught in the jam while leaving a car park.

"It was a mess," he said. "Kids were getting uptight in the back of cars and adults were getting angry. "So I thought, "There's only one thing for it". People were shouting at me, "Good on you, John!"

Within half an hour or so the build-up was cleared."

Honorary Alderman Brian Petch, organiser of the annual two-day event said: "Every year he's there - he's like a big kid.

"He likes to have a go on all the rides and loves walking around taking everything in and chatting with people."

It is a far cry from the Prescott of old, who famously punched a protester after being egged in the face while attending the launch of the Labour Party manifesto.

Prescott, a former amateur boxer, landed a quick left jab on Craig Evans' neck, earning Prezza the nickname "Two Jabs".
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