Lamborghini considers Veneno Roadster

Lamborghini considers Veneno Roadster

After spectacularly failing to steal the limelight from Ferrari and McLaren at this year's Geneva Motor Show with its outlandish Veneno, Lamborghini is reportedly trying to woo its most valued customers with a new Roadster version.

A number of high-profile Lamborghini customers have been approached by a dealer asking if they would be interested in buying a drop-top Veneno, reported Cars UK. This means the Italian marque is either gauging interest or has already given the green light for the model.
Where the coupe is limited to three examples, the Roadster production run could see up to nine cars being built.

The Veneno coupe was something of a cynical exercise for Lamborghini, not only in its attempt to divert attention from the unveiling of the two hottest supercars of the moment, the LaFerrari and McLaren P1, but also in its sheer laziness.

Where its two rivals use cutting edge technology and redefine what is possible for a road car, the Veneno is based on the V12 Aventador, only with much more dramatic (read gaudy) styling and a vastly inflated price tag of over £3 million.

Given that the recently launched Aventador Roadster is available for a mere £288,000, we cant help feeling that Lamborghini is taking its customers for a ride in charging so much for the mere exclusivity of the Veneno, a car which offers little more in terms of power or performance.
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