OAP accidentally kills wife by reversing into her

OAP accidentally kills wife by reversing into her

A trip to the supermarket turned into tragedy for a Huddersfield family last week after an 86-year-old man accidentally killed his wife by reversing their car into her.

Mavis Wood, 90 was killed after being knocked down on her driveway as her husband Kenneth tried to park their Nissan Micra.
Mrs Wood was taken to hospital with head injuries but was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Her daughter Lynda, 68 was also injured attempting to push her mother out of the car's path.

Mr Wood is said to be devastated over the accident, which saw him kill his wife of 38 years.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, his brother James said: "It's been a big shock for him and for all of us, especially Mavis's children. He has a lot of friends so I hope they are helping him through it.

"Ken is devastated. He has probably been through the mill going over and over it. They were a very close couple."

Defending his brother, he added: "Ken is a good driver and always has been. I think if he wasn't capable anymore or knew he couldn't see properly that he would have given up driving a long time ago.

"This is something that could have happened to anyone, it was pure accident and nothing to do with his driving abilities."

Mr Woods had been attempting to reverse the car into the garage, and had been using the wing mirror to gauge his distance from the wall when he struck his wife.

Neighbours rushed to help and administered first aid until paramedics arrived.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed that an inquest into the death would be held at a yet undetermined date.

The couple had been married since 1975. Mrs Woods is survived by two children and three grandchildren.
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