Honda's light show tribute to Ayrton Senna

Honda's light show tribute to Ayrton Senna

Nearly 20 years after his death at Imola, Ayrton Senna remains amongst the best drivers Formula One has ever seen. To celebrate its return to the top-tier of motorsport in 2015, Honda has created a fantastic light spectacular in memory of the Brazilian's record-breaking qualifying drive at the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix.

Sat at the wheel of his Honda powered McLaren MP4/5, Senna blasted his way to pole position, setting a scarcely believable 1:38.041 lap time – five whole seconds faster than Alain Prost's fastest lap during the race itself.
Now, using the telemetry from that banzai run, Honda has been able to recreate the lap, lining the length of the Suzuka circuit with lights and speakers to provide a fitting tribute to the three-time World Champion.

Sit back, crank up the speakers and try not to think too much about how F1 cars are unlikely to ever sound this good again.

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