Robbed Travelodge worker sacked for leaving hotel door unlocked

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Robbed Travelodge worker sacked for leaving hotel door unlocked
Robbed Travelodge worker sacked for leaving hotel door unlocked

A hotel worker who was attacked and robbed at work was sacked for leaving the door unlocked.

Debra Richardson, 49, was dragged to the floor at Preston Central Travelodge by a man who stole a petty cash box containing £48.

The robber fled with the money and the mother-of-four was treated for shock.

According to the Daily Mail, Ms Richardson took a week's holiday after the robbery and returned to be told she was being investigated because she had left the door unlocked.

There was a disciplinary hearing and she was sacked.

Ms Richardson has since suffered post-traumatic stress and has been put on anti-depressants.

The attack happened in the early hours of the morning after Ms Richardson had worked 13 days of shifts for a total of 85 hours and was feeling unwell.

She appealed against the decision but learned it has been upheld.

Speaking to the Lancashire Evening Post, the bar and reception worker said: "I just think it is disgusting, I have worked there for six-and-a-half years.

"I feel absolutely disgusted, I used to cover every shift that needed to be covered. They could ring me and within half an hour I would be in work, I was never off sick."

A Travelodge spokesman told the Lancashire Evening Post: "We can confirm that a robbery did take place at our Preston Central Travelodge on June 6.

"In response to this incident a comprehensive investigation was carried out by Lancashire Police and their key findings revealed that a member of staff was guilty of a serious breach of security.

"Travelodge operates a zero tolerance against any actions that could impact the welfare or safety of its customers and staff and therefore appropriate action was taken in response to the police findings."

Nobody has been arrested for the crime at the hotel, a Lancashire Police spokesman said.

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