Video: Subaru driver attempts rally-star heroics but fails

Video: Subaru driver attempts rally-star heroics but fails

There's a growing trend amongst car enthusiasts to strap a video camera to the door and capture the driver's heroic skills on a high-speed hoon.

It's all well and good, provided the driver in question isn't in fact a ham-fisted buffoon. As we showed you recently with a video of a BMW M3 driver careering over a cliff, it can have some wince-inducing consequences.
Not learning this vital lesson, the Subaru Impreza driver in this video decides to take his rally-derived saloon on a sprint down a dirt track, in an attempt to emulate the moves of the stars of the WRC.

As ever, it all begins well; the young lad having fun on the loose surface and even attempting some handbrake turns.

But it is inevitable, things turn for the worse as the enthusiastic wheelman attempts a maneuver known as the Scandinavian Flick, in an attempt to get the back-end loose and slide the car through a corner.

Instead, the driver misjudges his inputs and sends the nose of the car straight towards a steep drop. Panicking, he hits the brakes and narrowly manages to avert disaster. Quite how he got out of the car, though, remains a mystery.

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