Video: British woman infested with 14 flesh-eating maggots after Africa trip

A British woman returned from a trip to Africa to find flesh-eating maggots living in her stomach.

Catherine Stewart, 28, from Liverpool, had visited The Gambia to see first-hand how the charity she worked for was helping its inhabitants.

But when she returned to Britain, she found she was covered in red circles, which she presumed were simple insect bites.

But when one of them developed a yellow head, she decided to squeeze it - and was horrified by what came out.

Talking to the Discovery Channel, she said: "When I found a yellow one on my stomach I just thought it was just a small infected bite with pus and thought squeezing it might help.

"But as I squeezed I felt something pull back [into the skin]. I immediately thought there was something wrong."

She asked her husband to Paul to get a pair of tweezers and pull out what was in there.

He did so, and pulled out six maggots before the pair then headed to Liverpool Royal University Hospital's School of Tropical Medicine.

The doctor there pulled out a further eight wriggling maggots, making the total count 14, reports the Daily Mail.

She told Catherine she had been infested with the larvae of the tumbu fly, which can burrow under a person's skin and feed on flesh, reports Yahoo.

Footage from the Discovery Channel clip explains: "Catherine has been infested with the flesh-eating tumbu fly maggot. Her skin has come into contact with its larvae, which have burrowed into her tissue, feasted on her flesh, and grown up to a centimetre in length."

Catherine was ordered to carry out checks on her body for a week after treatment, when she was then given the all-clear.

And she's already planning a trip back to The Gambia to continue with her charity work.

Catherine's ordeal features on a new Discovery Channel programme called Bugs, Bites and Parasites, which airs on Sunday at 10pm.

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