Video: Divers rescue endangered shark with hook lodged in its mouth

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Video: SeaWorld divers rescue shark with hook lodged in its mouth
Video: SeaWorld divers rescue shark with hook lodged in its mouth

The dramatic moment a team of divers saved an endangered shark after spotting it with a hook struck in its mouth was captured on video.

According to Australia's Northern Star, a Sea World rescue team saw the shark at popular diver spot Julian Rocks near Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia on Saturday.

The team had to capture the endangered grey nurse shark and bring it aboard their boat to surgically remove the one-metre-long hook and trace stuck in its mouth.

Sea World Marine Sciences director Trevor Long told the Courier Mail: "The rescue was made somewhat more challenging as there was average visibility under water, strong currents in the area, and to top it off, the shark was also quite feisty, putting-up a real fight once it had been roped.

"After the shark had been tired out, it was craned aboard rescue vessel Sea World One and placed in a specially designed 4000 litre tank where he was placed in a dormant state by turning him on his back, ready for the operation."

They had to insert a large pipe into the 2.4-metre shark's mouth to keep it open while they removed the hook.

The shark was released after the 25-minute operation.

"With less than 1500 of the critically endangered Grey Nurse Sharks living along the east coast of Australia, every single animal is so important," Mr Long told the Northern Star.

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