Fake valet smashed £80k Bentley through brick wall

Fake valet smashed £80k Bentley through brick wall

A battered, scratched and filthy Bentley Continental GTC was not what owner Jessica Sawyer expected when she opted for a 'five-star' car wash at the Wash and Shine in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

Shocked Jessica broke down in tears when she returned to find that her pride and joy had been driven through a brick wall rather than being given a throrough wash and polish.
She told The Mirror yesterday: "I just freaked out. I was so upset because it was my 30th birthday present from my mum and I only got it in December."

Advertising and marketing worker Jessica, from Bramhall, Cheshire, spoke of how she handed over the keys to her jet black GTC to a man who appeared to be working at the car wash facility.

She then received a phone call from the police who said her car had been driven through the brick wall of 'Wash and Shine's' reception area.

"I went back and when I saw it I was so upset I just started crying, then I got angry," she told the Manchester Evening News. "The police officer there told me he thought the guy I'd given my keys to had mistaken the accelerator for the brake because it's an automatic and he'd seen it happen before."

The valet worker fled the scene after trashing the vehicle and has yet to be traced.

Jessica added: "The insurance company have been amazing and have paid out – but the owner of the car wash has refused to admit responsibility. Now they are having to take legal action against them."

When contacted by the Manchester Evening News, the current owner of the car wash said he was not in charge at the time of the accident and said he had only taken over the business four weeks ago.

He declined to comment further.

A police spokesman said: "Officers were called to the car wash on the day of the incident, by the business owner.

​"The incident is now being treated as a civil matter between the car owner and carwash owner due to the many inconsistencies between the two accounts of what happened."
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