Banned driver caught attempting to steer car with pliers

Banned driver caught attempting to steer car with pliers

Police were left dumbfounded when they stopped a car in Adelaide, Southern Australia after receiving reports it was being driven erratically, to find the driver attempting to pilot the vehicle without a steering wheel.

The damaged car had two blown-out tyres and a set of locking pliers gripping the steering column where the steering wheel should have been.
The driver was arrested and charged with a long list of offences including driving while disqualified and under the influence of methylamphetamine and cannabis.

He was also charged with driving without due care, driving in a dangerous manner, driving while unregistered, uninsured and in breach of his bail conditions.

To make matters even worse, the death trap vehicle was believed to have been involved in a hit-and-run incident earlier in the day.

The driver was also charged with failing to stop at the scene of a crash.

A statement from South Australia Police said: "While this is an extreme example, police wish to remind all motorists they have a responsibility to drive with due care at all times.

"Operation Distraction, a state-wide focus on driver behaviour, in particular the use of mobile phones while driving and failing to wear seatbelts, continues to run throughout the month of July and more than 1,700 offences have been detected."

The man has appeared in court but is now remanded in custody as the case continues.
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