Young boy seriously injured in 'racing' crash

Young boy seriously injured in 'racing' crash

A 12-year-old boy has been left critically injured after being hit by a car in Bolton.

The incident, which involved two cars crashing into another and a group of pedestrians, occurred on St Helens Road in Daubhill at around 23:30 on Sunday.
A 50-year-old man was also hit, as the streets were filled with people leaving a nearby mosque.

The drivers of the two cars, which were both Vauxhall Astras, were arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, with police stating that they were "most likely racing" at speeds of up to 60mph in the residential area.

Both vehicles struck a BMW, which had pulled out into their path, after which one of the Astras mounted the pavement, striking the pedestrians.

Speaking to the BBC, an anonymous witness said: "It was that fast, they were going head to head - if they hadn't hit that one car they would have hit another."

Nine other people in the three cars were treated for minor injuries.

Sgt Danny Byrne of Bolton police warned against such antisocial driving and said that officers were supporting the family of the injured boy.

"The fact that they are waiting to hear whether their beloved 12-year-old boy will survive reflects the absolute appalling consequences of driving in such a reckless manner.

"The area was very busy with people leaving the mosque following evening prayers and we believe the two cars initially involved were speeding and most likely racing one another."
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