British tourist raped at Turkish holiday resort

British tourist raped at Turkish holiday resort

A 21-year-old British woman was raped by a taxi driver at popular Turkish beach resort Marmaris.

The tourist, who cannot be named for legal reasons, took a taxi back to her hotel after a night out but when she couldn't pay her fare, the driver raped her.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the woman feared for her safety and gave into his advances, allowing him to kiss and fondle her in the back of the taxi, before he drove somewhere else and raped her.

The driver was arrested after the woman filed a rape charge but insisted the sex was consensual. He has been released on bail while police investigate.

In a separate sex attack, a 28-year-old British woman living in Marmaris woke in her apartment to find a man standing at the end of her bed brandishing a knife.

According to the Daily Mail, local police said the man was planning to rob the woman's apartment but when he saw her half naked in her bed, he instead tried to rape her.

The woman managed to fight him off and fled to the bathroom. Her neighbours heard her screams and came to her aid, catching her attacker as he tried to flee.

A man named Harun K was arrested for the attack.

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