Brake-check biker teaches driver a lesson but pays the price

Brake-check biker teaches driver a lesson but pays the price

If anyone is unfortunate enough to have to attend a speed awareness course, one of the subjects they will cover is the issue of 'excuses for speeding'.

Believe it or not, one of the most common excuses is, "the driver behind me was tailgating, so I sped up to get rid of him and I was caught."
Naughty speeders will then be coached on how to deal with cars travelling too close to the rear bumper and unsurprisingly, one of those methods isn't slamming on the brakes and hoping the BMW behind gets the message.

One biker in Russia clearly hasn't attended a speed awareness course because as this video highlights, he opts for the 'brake-checking' method (a scenario where the driver or rider feathers the brakes as a warning), only for the assumed tailgating car in question to slam into the back of the poor blighter.

To make matters worse, the nonchalant driver doesn't rush to the aid of the stricken biker like most good Samaritans; instead he plumps for checking his front bumper for damage before casually strolling towards the clearly injured motorcyclist.

Take a look at the video below – which is obviously from Russia – and next time you experience a pesky tailgater, heed advice from the speed awareness lecturers and simply pull over.

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