Where to go wild swimming in the UK

Make the most of the heatwave! Britain's beautiful coastline is studded with hidden places to swim, snorkel and sunbathe. We've picked out some special places you can swim this summer with some help from a fabulous new book - Wild Swimming: Coast. Check out the gallery below to find your nearest spot.

Wonderful spots for wild swimming
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Where to go wild swimming in the UK

Why we love it: The Lulworth coast is one of the most dramatic in Britain, crowned by the iconic sea arch of Durdle Door. There's also a host of lesser-known caves and hidden bays.  How to get there: Nearest train station: Wool, 9km. Grid ref. SY805802; Postcode: BH20 5PU (800m S); Walk: 15 mins, moderate; Anything to beware of? It's a long steep shingle beach – and an undertow in surf conditions.

Why we love it: This is a superb inland lagoon with a maze of sea caverns and arches leading to the sea. It'sa difficult scramble but there are some jolly good jumps and amazing rock formations. How to get there:Nearest train station: Wool, 8km. Parking: main car park at Lulworth Cove (B3071 then B3070 from Wool) then follow footpath signs behind Heritage Centre for Stair Hole (200m). Cross rope barrier and scramble carefully down scree slope. Grid ref: SY822798; Postcode: BH20 5RH (200m S); Walk: 5 mins.

Why we love it: This man-made rectangular pool sits in a rock ledge. It's also possible to jump off the ledge into deep sea. There are several sea caves for exploring in calm sea. How to get there: Nearest train station: Wareham, 13km. Grid ref. SY998769; Postcode: BH19 3HN (2km S); Walk: 30 mins (difficult at end).

Why we love it: This is a beautiful white sand beach on the northern tip of Iona. Great jumps from basalt columns. How to get there: Nearest train station: Oban, 59km plus ferry. Grid ref. NM29426; Postcode PA76 6SW (1km N); Walk 30 mins, easy.

Why we love it: There are two amazing limestone-cliff swimming sites on Portland Bill with ladders, jumps, caves and wonderful deep, clear waters for snorkelling. Nearest train station: Weymouth, 15km. Grid ref. SY680684; Postcode DT5 2JT; Walk 5 mins, easy.

Why we love it: This excellent family beach offers stacks and freshwater pool. The coast path leads to the  Sandy Bay with secret tunnels and deep lagoon formed from collapsed cave. How to get there:Nearest train station:  Pembroke, 8km.Grid ref. SR983942; Postcode SA71 5DR (2km E); Walk 15 mins.

Why we love it: This swimming-pool-sized natural rock pool sits in rocks above sea. Deep section for jumping. Constantine Bay,500 metres to the north, is a classic surf beach and leads on to Trevose Round Hole. How to get there: Nearest train station: Newquay, 17km. Grid ref: SW855744 Postcode PL28 8JP (500m W). Walk 5 mins, moderate. Cycle Route 32.

Why we love it: This is a small, sheltered sandy cove at the bottom of a wooded valley, with a wave-cut platform for snorkelling and swimming. How to get there: Nearest train station: Whitby, 13km; Cycle: Route 1. Grid ref: NZ955041; Postcode: YO22 4UQ; Walk: 10 mins.

Why we love it: This is a set of tiny sandy coves on Llanddwyn Island peninsula, with many miles of beach and the stunning backdrop of Snowdonia. How to get there: Nearest train station: Bodorgan, 7km; CycleRoute 8. Grid ref: SH387625. Postcode: LL61 6SG (3km NE); Walk 20 mins, easy.

Why we love it: Dramatic cliff formations, rock colours and marine wildlife. How to get there: Nearest train station: Berwick-upon-Tweed,18km. Grid ref.: NT918686 ; Postcode TD14 5QF (1km N); Walk: 25 mins, difficult.

Why we love it: This superb beach boasts white dunes and access to Scolt Head Island east beach, with various swimming holes and mud slides. How to get there: Nearest train station: King's Lynn, 37km; Cycle: Route 1.Grid ref: TF854459; Postcode : PE31 8JE (2km NE); Walk: 35 mins, moderate.

Wild swimming fanatics should check out Wild Swimming and Wild Swimming Coast, both by Daniel Start. (Punk Publishing, £14.99). Visit wildswimming.co.uk for more.

Imagine a summer of swimming, exploring by the sea and discovering secret beaches and sandy coves, smugglers' caves and deep lagoons...

Why we love it: This is a superb beach with dunes in front of an iconic castle, with rock pools beyond. Depths vary according to the amount of sand blown into the pools by storms. Temperatures reach their warmest during the afternoons. How to get there: Nearest train station: Chathill, 12km; Cycle: Route 1. Grid ref: NU180356;  Postcode : NE69 7DD; Walk: 5 mins, easy.
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