Who came off worse? Plane hits sheep during emergency landing

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Plane hits sheep during emergency landing
Plane hits sheep during emergency landing

In a plane versus sheep show of strength, you'd be forgiven for putting your money on the plane.

But when a light aircraft had to land in a field in Wales, it hit a sheep - and the hardy animal escaped without injury, while the plane was damaged.

Pilot Bernard Ridgeway attempted to land at Rhigos Airfield when he experienced engine failure.

But he was forced to land in the field next door when he couldn't make it to the runway.

According to the Mirror, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch : "The sheep was struck by the right wing which suffered damage, but the sheep appeared to escape without injury."

Mr Ridgeway, 71, who had 1,404 hours' flying experience, also escaped without injury, as did his passenger, reports Wales Online.

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