Fuel prices set to soar over summer holidays

Fuel prices set to soar over summer holidays

The price of fuel is expected to rise by up to 4p a litre during the next fortnight, just as thousands of families set off on their summer holidays.

Pump prices have already risen by around 1p a litre this month but a surge in the cost of oil and a weaker pound are to blame for the forecasted price hike at the pumps.
The rise coincides with schools breaking up for the summer holiday and the recent hot weather, which has seen many families ditching the trip abroad to enjoy British beaches and holiday resorts.

Edmund King, president of the AA, told The Times: "We expect record numbers on the roads due to the economy, the staycation, and better weather, yet the dark clouds on the horizon for many thousands of drivers will be those signs every 30 miles or so that flag up rising fuel prices."

The cost of a journey from West London to Cornwall is set to rise by almost £3 compared with last month and the AA calculates that a round trip from London to Plymouth in a typical family saloon is £2.28 more expensive than last summer.

Some coastal areas such as Dover and market towns including Lewes, in East Sussex, appear to be cashing in on the hike as they are already charging £2.50 more for a tank than the rest of the country.

Campaigners are lobbying for a cut in fuel duty, which with VAT accounts for almost 80p per litre.
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