Crime-fighting canine parachutes from plane at 1,000ft

Crime-fighting canine parachutes from plane at 1,000ft

A crime-busting dog has been pictured jumping out of a plane at 1,000ft while strapped to the chest of air force unit officer Jorge Herrera.

Jany, a Belgian Malinois, is an explosives detector dog, and is part of the Group of Air Special Commands, tasked with fighting terrorism and criminal activity at all of Colombia's airports.

The bomb-detecting dog has taken part in dozens of jumps, and is trained to sniff out explosives carried by criminals.

Photographer Oliver Ehmig took pictures of the jump, and told The Sun: "She [Jany] was extremely calm during the flight and was euphoric when she touched the ground.

"What I enjoy most is the silence before, followed by a collective euphoria among the group after the successful manoeuvre."

The 90-strong air force unit is located at Madrid air base, outside Colombia's capital.

Each member is aware that every leap is extremely dangerous, carrying the possibility of facing anti-personnel mines in the landing area, and bid each farewell and a safe landing before jumping.

Mr Ehmig told the Daily Mail: "Only a select few can aspire to be part of the Group of Air Special Commands - the elite of the Colombian air force .

"Their members have been through the legendary "Lancer" course, considered one of the most rigorous military training in the world.

"They are highly trained to resolve airplane hostage situations."

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