Motormouth: Mike Tindall talks Bond, bikes and boxing

The former England captain and Gloucester Rugby regular may be well known for his imposing presence on a rugby pitch and his relationship with a certain Zara Phillips but upon a chance encounter with AOL Cars recently, it was revealed that he is also a bit of a petrolhead.

Tindall accompanied Harley Davidson as a guest on its recent 110th anniversary celebrations in Rome and it was here we managed to grab a quick chat about his love of all things vehicular...
AOL Cars: Can you remember the first car you ever owned?

Mike Tindall: Yeah, the first car I had to drive was a humble Nissan Micra but the first car I actually bought was he slightly cooler Audi S3.

AC: Did you have an affectionate name for your cars?

MT: Doesn't everyone? I remember the Micra was called Collette and the Audi was called Mack. I'm not sure why, they just were.

AC: How many attempts did it take you to pass your test?
MT: I am among the lucky few to only require one test sitting to pass.

AC: Any horrible stories from your lessons or test?
MT: Nah, no horrible stories, I passed first time so the test wasn't particularly stressful. I do remember having some fantastic arguments with my dad while I was having lessons, though!

AC: What was the first car you ever lusted after?
MT: That's a tough one, as I've always liked cars. I have always been a big Bond fan so the DB5 springs to mind.

AC: What did your Dad drive?
MT: There were a few cars from my childhood but the most memorable one was the first car he really let me drive. It was a Peugeot 306 turbo diesel and at 17, that was a pretty cool car to be driving around in.

AC: What was the first road trip you ever went on?
MT: The first proper road trip would have been when I went to watch Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis in Memphis in 2002. We flew into Atlanta and drove to Nashville, then on to Memphis and then down to New Orleans before heading back to Atlanta. It was an awesome two weeks and Lewis battered Tyson, which was an added bonus.

AC: Can you talk us through your current car collection?
MT: It's not so much of a collection these days as I just have the two. A 2013 Range Rover and a Range Rover Evoque.

AC: What's the most audacious bit of amateur mechanics you have ever undertaken?
MT: I don't see myself as much of a mechanic and I never touch things I know nothing about, so that limits me to changing wheels.

AC: If money was no object, what car would you buy?
MT: Hmmmm too much choice, that's such a tough one! But I do like the latest Aston Martin Vanquish. That is one good-looking car.
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