Who is Hollywood's highest-paid actor?


Iron Man

He's the face of a massively-successful action franchise, and last year took home an astonishing $65 million. According to Forbes list of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, he has overtaken stars like Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio - who are no strangers to the top of the list.

But who is he, and who is the surprise entry at number two?

Top ten highest-paid Hollywood actors

Top ten highest-paid Hollywood actors

Top Five

According to Forbes, Robert Downey Junior takes the top spot, after the enormous success of Iron Man 3. He also earned a large chunk of the profit from The Avengers, which took $1.5 billion at the box office and became the highest-grossing film ever.

Second on the list is a somewhat surprise entry from Channing Tatum. The biggest contributor to his earnings in the year was Magic Mike. He helped to finance the film, which was made with just $7 million and it took $167 million, which meant he earned a big chunk of the profits. In all he made an estimated $60 million during the year.

Third is Hugh Jackman, who made his mark in the X-Men franchise and Les Miserables and took home $55 million. The Wolverine film was not released in time to make the figures, but should ensure that he maintains at least this position next year.

Fourth is Mark Wahlberg, who made $52 million. Starring in the hit comedy Ted will have helped - especially since it was made with a relatively low budget and therefore took a strong profit. We can expect to see him in the same list next year, propelled there by his role in Transformers.

Fifth is Dwayne Johnson - otherwise known as The Rock - whose $46 million was boosted significantly by the ever-reliable Fast and Furious pay cheques and the GI Joe franchise. As Forbes notes, The Rock is proving a bankable star, with a film in the top ten for ten weeks in a row.

Rest of the top ten

Sixth was Leonardo Di Caprio, who made $39 million. It's not a patch on the heady heights of his career when he took the top spot. However, The Great Gatsby was always going to be a more acquired taste.

Seventh was Adam Sandler, who made $53 million. The income is partly from Hotel Transylvania and Grown Ups 2. He continues to prove that you don't need critical acclaim for your films to fill the cinemas and generate a huge pay cheque.

Eighth was Tom Cruise, who made $35 million, largely from the action hit Jack Reacher. It didn't do particularly well in the US, but it made a small fortune overseas, keeping him as one of the town's most bankable stars.

Ninth was Denzel Washington who made $33 million, thanks in part to his role in Flight. He was nominated for an Oscar for the role, and took a lower pay cheque in return for a bigger chunk of the profit - the move paid off.

And tenth was Liam Neeson, who took home $32 million, thanks mainly to The Grey and Taken 2. Both were relatively inexpensive films with big box office profits.