Mother arrested for leaving children in 90 degree heat

Mother arrested for leaving children in 90 degree heat

An American woman has been arrested after leaving her two children in the back of a car in sweltering heat.

Desiree Lynn Bolch was confronted by police after returning to her car following a forty minute shopping trip for makeup.
Not wanting to be harassed by the 3-year-olds while browsing, she dangerously left them strapped in, unattended.

She argued that she had left the engine running, and the air-conditioning unit on, but police carted her off for child neglect.

"They were completely unattended for over half an hour," explained Oklahoma Police Sergeant Gary Knight, to KOCO news.

"You really can't leave your children alone when they're that small, particularly for long periods of time."

Bolch currently faces two charges of child neglect and her children have been placed into state custody.

Click play below to watch a US TV news report on the incident (courtesy of the Daily Mail).
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