DIY beauty tips and tricks

Many British women are slaves to their beauty regimes, and that usually means spending their hard-earned cash on expensive lotions and potions.

DIY beauty tips

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There is another way. With a few kitchen cupboard staples and the odd clever tip, you can still look fabulous, so check out these DIY beauty tips and save those precious pennies for something special.

Natural skincare
If you're prone to the odd unsightly spot, raid your bathroom cabinet for the evening primrose oil. Simply open a capsule and apply directly to the trouble spot before you head to bed, and let your skin soak up the anti-inflammatory marvel to reduce the redness. For those with more serious problems, the antibacterial wonder that is raw honey makes an ideal spot-targeting face mask. Just leave for ten minutes and wash off with warm water.

Citrus tips
It's not just your diet and all-round good health that will benefit from a fridge stocked with citrus fruits. For example, oranges make great exfoliators, thanks for the acid and vitamin C, and you don't need to follow a recipe to reap the benefits. Just chop one in half, and rub on dead skin trouble spots like elbows and knees, and voila! Silky and smooth.

Lemons, on the other hand, should form part of your nail care regime - not only does soaking the tips in lemon juice keep them sparkly white, a little of the peel rubbed on dark varnish stains will have your nails back to natural in no time.

Smooth shaving
For anyone who just can't face the pain of waxing, shaving remains a necessary evil. But you can take some of the stress out of your shaving routine by taking on the task after a shower or bath, when the warm water has softened the hairs and opened up those pores, preventing post-shaving rash. And don't bother with pricey shaving foams - instead, give your hair conditioner a second job and let it moisturise for a smooth finish.
Longer life products
Recent research revealed that women up and down the country are using out of date makeup. If you can't afford to replace your nail polish, lippy and eyeliner, give them a longer life by keeping them in the fridge. Not only will it prolong their usefulness, but they'll be firmer too, leaving you free of gloopy lipstick and soft, smudgy eyes.

Beauty must-have
If you invest in just one DIY beauty product, make it Vaseline. Petroleum jelly can be used for myriad beauty uses, including moisturising dry elbows and cracked heels, preventing skin staining during a hair dye session, keeping pearly whites lipstick free, and taming unruly eyebrows. What's more, you can make your very own exfoliator by mixing in some sea salt for a shower scrub that'll leave your skin smooth and refreshed.

Have you swapped expensive products for DIY alternatives? Leave your top tips below...
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