A fifth of parents now pays for son's wedding as costs soar

Caroline Cassidy

The father of the bride has traditionally had to dig deep to pay for his daughter's big day, but now parents are even having to stump up for their son's wedding.

A fifth of parents now pays for their son's wedding
A fifth of parents now pays for their son's wedding

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According to a survey by Saga Home Insurance, a fifth of parents plan to pay for their son's nuptials, with many more making some sort of contribution to the wedding fund.

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It is hardly surprising that both young men and women need a little financial assistance, however, when you consider that the average cost of a wedding has risen by £7,000 over the last decade.

Back in 2003, the price of getting hitched was £14,643. In 2006, the figure had risen to £18,781, and by 2009, the cost was £19,265. And now, tying the knot will set you back, on average, more than £21,000.

With the economic climate in the doldrums, the average 20 or 30-something simply cannot afford their dream wedding without help from the bank of mum and dad.
Those parents who had not had to pay for their own big day were more likely to cover the entire cost of their children's wedding, the poll of 9,349 adults - all of whom were aged 50 - revealed.

Emma Soames, editor-at-large for Saga Magazine said: "The only way to give your child the wedding of their dreams is for both sets of parents to contribute. I have discovered this as my own daughter is getting married this summer and it seems to be the norm these days for the parents-in-law to contribute."

What do you think? Would you fork out for your son's dream wedding, or should the bride and groom compromise in order to cut costs? Leave your comments below...