The worst driving game ever comes to a smartphone near you

The worst driving game ever comes to a smartphone near you

Long, arduous trips on trains and buses no longer have to be boring, drawn-out affairs as improved technology has moved handheld gaming on from pixelated snakes to full-blown, high octane experiences.

Young folk can enjoy a realistic football experience in FIFA, they can steal cars and beat up pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto and even play God and control an entire metropolis in Sim City.
But one game that has recently made its way to smartphones looks to buck this trend and instead focuses on the more mundane side of life, earning it the title of "the worst game ever".

Desert Bus is sold as, "One man. One Bus. Three hundred and sixty miles of simulated post-apocalyptic desert and the endless struggle between man and nature personified."

But in reality, it is far less exciting as it requires the gamer to pilot a pixelated bus along a desert road from Tuscon to Las Vegas for eight hours solid.

If the bus ventures off the Tarmac and brushes the dusty gutter, the gamer must start again.

The game was the brainchild of American illusionists Penn and Teller in reaction to the anti-video game lobby who spent much of the mid-1990s complaining that computer games were damaging young minds.

The magic duo decided to create a game that replicated real life and prove how utterly pointless a game that reflects reality would be.

Desert Bus is now available as a smartphone app and those wishing to while away the hours staring at a pixelated steering wheel can head to the Apple Store or Google Play to get their 'open road' fix.
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