Feeling blue? Green fingers could be the answer

Caroline Cassidy

From comfort food to a glass of Pinot, we all have our coping mechanisms when it comes to our down days. But if you really want to swap feeling blue for the bright side, getting your hands dirty could be the key.

Gardening makes you happy
Gardening makes you happy

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According to a new survey, gardening is a great way to lift the spirits and improve your mood. The poll, by Gardeners' World magazine, found that more than 90 per cent of gardeners believe their hobby improves their mood.

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Overall, 80 per cent of those who enjoy pottering around in the garden in their spare time feel satisfied with their lives, compared to just 67 per cent of non-gardeners.

Gardeners' World editor Lucy Hall told the Daily Mail: "We have long suspected it, but our research means we can definitely say gardening makes you happy.

"Part of it comes from nurturing something but also a natural optimism that no matter how bad the weather, there's always next year. It's also about passing the seed of knowledge and the pleasure that gives."

If you're not blessed with green fingers though, you could do worse than take up an outdoor activity.
The survey also found that 78 per cent of walkers are happy with their lot, as are 75 per cent of those who fish. Despite the obvious benefits of being in the great outdoors, however, the UK's most popular hobby is currently computing or gaming, with 52 per cent of respondents labelling it their favourite pastime.

Gardening came joint second, with walking and hiking.

Do you suffer with depression? Does an outdoor activity help you to cope? Leave your comments below...