Autocross driver proposes in race car

Proposing to your better half can be a process fraught with hazards. Get the wrong venue – sports fans, we're thinking of you here – and your potential rejection will provide hours of "you'll never guess what happened" entertainment for everyone who witnessed it.

One American driver decided, for reasons unknown, the best place to pop the question was straight after completing a high-speed run of an Autocross track.
After pulling a handbrake turn – which if you watch Top Gear, you'll know is the internationally accepted method of getting your female passenger's affections – 32-year-old Jake Wile pulls out an engagement ring, all while his confused co-driver and girlfriend suspiciously questions what he is up to.

"You're the most amazing woman I've ever met in my whole life," Jake tell his girlfriend, sliding the ring on her finger.

All very smooth, but his next line: "I want you to be my co-driver for life", made the AOL Cars office collectively reach for the sick bags.

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