Asiana Airlines could sue TV channel over fake and racist names of pilots

Asiana Airlines could sue TV channel over fake and racist names of pilots

Asiana Airlines is considering legal action against American TV channel KTVU and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) after a summer intern accidentally confirmed "inaccurate and offensive" names of the pilots of Flight 214 that crashed in San Francisco on 6 July. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO

KTVU read out the fake names that are phonetically spelled out as phrases such as "Something Wrong" and We Too Low" during an afternoon broadcast.

The news anchor did not appear to notice the racially offensive mistake and after reading the names, assured viewers that they had been confirmed by the NTSB.

According to CBS News, both the TV channel and the NTSB have apologised for the embarrassment but Asiana released a statement that read: "Regarding the KTVU-TV's demeaning report of the pilots on July 12, ASIANA Airlines is reviewing possible legal action against KTVU-TV and the NTSB.

"The reputation of the four pilots and of the company had been seriously damaged by this report. The company is reviewing taking legal action against both KTVU-TV and the NTSB."

In a statement, the NTSB said that a summer intern had "acted outside the scope of his authority when he erroneously confirmed the names of the flight crew on the aircraft."

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed at San Francisco Airport last Saturday. Three Chinese girls were killed.

Anchor Fail: KTVU Gives Glaringly Wrong Asiana Pilot Names

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