Daughter lifts 2,500kg Jeep to rescue stricken father

Daughter lifts 2,500kg Jeep to rescue stricken father

Rachel Simmons, 22, from Boston, rescued her father by miraculously lifting an SUV from his leg after the Jeep Liberty he was tinkering with fell on him.

Adam Simmons was repairing his daughter's brakes when the jacks keeping the car aloft collapsed and one of the axles landed on his leg.
According to the CBS Boston, Mr. Simmons' daughter Rachel heard her father's yelps of pain from inside the house and ran to his rescue.

Ms. Simmons saw that the car - which weighs around 2,500kg - was crushing her father's leg and in order to free him, she lifted the vehicle with her bare hands.

Mr. Simmons said that he was doing a routine service on his daughter's car when the accident happened: "All of a sudden, it collapsed towards me, landed on my leg, pinning me right to the ground."

He said it was "very painful" and that he was "screaming for help".

Ms. Simmons says she doesn't know how she managed to lift the large vehicle from her father's leg: "I ran out of the house and I saw him under my car. So I just went and lifted under the wheel arch to set him free," she said.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and Mr. Simmons was rushed to hospital where X-rays were taken. He made a lucky escape and came away with just a few cuts and bruises.

Mr. Simmons says his daughter is his "hero" and that it is still unclear how Ms. Simmons managed to muster the strength to lift a Jeep.

She added that she was glad her dad wasn't badly harmed and that she is happy she only has a sore back.

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