What have Brits voted the biggest holiday fashion faux pas?

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Revealed! What's the biggest holiday fashion faux pas?
Revealed! What's the biggest holiday fashion faux pas?

You'd be forgiven for thinking that socks and sandals would automatically be voted the worst holiday fashion crime.

But 2,178 British men and women apparently believe there's an even worse offender.

In a poll carried out by online travel agent sunshine.co.uk, Brits were asked the question: 'In your opinion, what do you deem to be the worst holiday fashion trends?'. And, rather surprisingly, the long-hated socks-and-sandals combo was pipped to the top spot by a newcomer - the cutout swimsuit.

The new fashion trend even beat Speedos, Hawaiian shirts, sun visors, and cringy England shirts to make it as the biggest beach no-no.

Over half of us also admitted to being a bit lazy in the wardrobe department while on holiday.

All the people taking part in the poll were asked whether they felt they made an effort fashion-wise on their holidays, to which 52 per cent admitted that they didn't. When asked why this was the case, 46 per cent said it was because they weren't likely to see anyone they knew, whilst 19 per cent said it was in order to "feel comfortable/relaxed".

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of sunshine.co.uk, told Aol Travel: "I think it's fairly normal to let go a bit on holiday, because you want to feel relaxed. A holiday shouldn't be a fashion parade and, whilst it's nice to dress up on the occasional evening, the most important thing is to wear what you feel good in and what keeps you cool on a warm break!

"It seems both men and women alike aren't a fan of the cut out swimsuit trend. I must admit, I've never really seen the appeal, because I'm sure they can only result in dodgy tan lines!"

The British public might not like them, but the cutout swimsuit is taking the celeb world by storm, with stars like Mariah Carey, Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, Sofia Vergara and Paris Hilton all being snapped sporting the trend.

The top 10 holiday fashion offenders were:

1. Cut out swimsuits – 61%
2. Socks and sandals – 59%
3. Speedos – 55%
4. Ill fitting bikinis – 48%
5. Hawaiian Shirts – 37%
6. Patriotic clothing (e.g. England shirt or Union Jack clothes) – 36%
7. Sun visors – 31%
8. Maxi dresses – 28%
9. Oversized hats – 25%
10.Wedges – 19%

See more star beach style below:


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