The 10 oddest visa applications revealed


vampire hunter's suitcase

Applying for a visa can seem like a complicated business, but here's a useful tip for anyone applying to live overseas: when it asks what profession you intend to follow, don't write vampire hunter, or dog food taster... or prostitute.

All three have been tried by visa applicants - and they're not the strangest. has put together a list of the ten weirdest applications they have come across in the last 12 months. When asked for their reasons for travel, applicants gave an unusual array of answers - from the illegal, to the unexpected, and the frankly odd.

The ten strangest reasons for applying for a visa

1) A South African man applied for a European visa, by saying he wanted to go to Romania to become a vampire hunter.

2) On his UK visa application, a Brazilian man said he wanted to bring "flamenco to the streets of Norwich".

3) A Russian woman applied for a European visa, so she could work as a prostitute in the Netherlands.

4) An embalmer from Mexico applied for a visa to ply his trade in Spain. When his criminal record was unearthed, the visa was refused.

5) On his European visa a Mali man said he was skilled with a pirogue, and wanted to transfer his skills to gondola driving in Venice.

6) A UK man listed his profession as a dog food taster on his US visa application.

7) A man in the Philippines applied to travel to Australia because he was "evading the local authorities".

8) One woman applying to move from France to the US gave her profession as 'foot model'.

9) A woman applied for a UK visa, saying she had "seasonal work as a zombie" .

10) A Peruvian man applied for a European visa to work as an "alpaca shearer" during "shearing season".

Liam Clifford of said: "We'd advise all visa applicants to look at the laws of the countries they're trying to move to at the very least before applying. But for those with unusual, yet legal, reasons we commend them for their ingenious career choices."

While this list is clearly off the wall, it goes to show how essential it is to do your homework if you really do want to work overseas. We all occasionally dream of doing something different somewhere far more exotic, but that's no basis for a life-changing decision.

It's worth joining expat forums and approaching those who have been through the process. It's also vital to visit, and ask questions about the local business world, the culture and demand for your skills.

Because it would be a shame to move to the US and discover that demand for dog food tasters or foot models isn't quite what you expected.

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