Britain's heatwave to last at least another week

Ceri Roberts
Britain's heatwave to last at least another week
Britain's heatwave to last at least another week

If you're thinking that the temperature has dropped a little today, you'd be right. But don't worry, the heatwave's not over yet, as we're set for another scorching weekend.

Although temperatures are likely to dip to the low 20s today and tomorrow, things will start to heat up again on Friday and the heatwave will continue into next week.

The Daily Mail reports that the whole country is enjoying warm weather, with temperatures in the north of England reaching 28C.

According to the Met Office, yesterday's hotspots were the Solent, Durham, Perthshire and Derrylin, in Northern Ireland. And temperatures in Strathallan reached 28.4C, making it Scotland's warmest day of the year.

Leon Brown, forecaster at The Weather Channel, says: "The area of high pressure over NW Europe, which is bringing the sunny and hot weather, will decline a little and move west this week as some weak fronts sink southwards over the North Sea. This will bring a little more cloud to the east by Wednesday and Thursday, with a drop in temperatures in eastern England to 17 to 22C. It will be a little cooler over England and Wales on Thursday, but still in the low 20s, while temperatures increase to the mid or higher 20s in Scotland. On Friday, it will be sunny with increasing temperatures in the south."

As we head into next week, the Met Office forecasts normal July temperatures across the UK, although it's likely to be very warm in the south. Early indications suggest that the dry and settled weather could continue for sometime, particularly in the south, although it will be more unsettled in the north and this is likely to spread across the UK next month.

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