Range Rover Sport takes on Spitfire

Range Rover Sport takes on Spitfire

It might be a rather obvious publicity stunt, but this video from Land Rover doesn't half make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

It's been produced to mark the Range Rover Sport's 'dynamic debut', which will take place at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed this weekend, and it features a race between the new Range Rover Sport and a vintage Spitfire fighter at the Goodwood airstrip.
If it's possible to ooze more 'jolly hockey sticks' Britishness, we're not sure how.

The Sport makes a pretty decent noise itself, but it's roundly eclipsed by the gutsy bark of the Spitfire's Merlin engine - not to mention the loop that the Spitfire pilot pulls straight off the runway. The car might be an impressive bit of kit, but it's the plane that's the real star here.

Who wins? Well, that would be telling - but suffice to say it's a close-run thing.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed will run from 11-14 July.

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