Drunk 'Daddy's Girl' convicted after driving into house

Drunk 'Daddy's Girl' convicted after driving into house

The daughter of a millionaire has been sent to a young offenders' institution for six months after she crashed her BMW convertible through the front wall of a house while drunk.

Laura Binch, 19, showed little remorse after the accident in Borrowash, Derbyshire, exclaiming to the stunned occupants of the house: "Do you know who my dad is? He's rich."
Derby Crown Court heard that Binch had been drinking champagne at her home, the ten-bedroom Hopwell Hall.

She then climbed into her BMW convertible to drive to the pub owned by her father, who also founded the car rental company Drive Assist, which collapsed in February this year.

She consumed more champagne at the pub, said prosecutor David Outterside, before becoming hostile when staff refused to serve her.

Despite fellow patrons' attempts to stop her from driving, Binch then got back into her car with friends to drive on.

During the journey, she lost control of her car, demolishing the safety barrier and wrecking the front walls of three homes.

Matthew Fleming, one of the house's occupants, had a lucky escape when one of the safety barrier's posts embedded itself in the sofa where he had earlier been watching television.

Binch claimed she had been trying to avoid, "something that ran into the road." She was found to have 127mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, well over the legal limit of 80mg.

Martin Callery, mitigating, said: "She bitterly regrets this incident. Whether it was showing off, arrogance, or drunken bravado, perhaps."

Sentencing, Judge John Burgess said: "Whether it was the drink talking, there was a high degree of arrogance. It was a miracle nobody was seriously injured and your culpability was high."
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