Cyclists pushed off bikes by sinister motorist

Cyclists pushed off bikes by sinister motorist

Cyclists in Leicestershire are facing a new and sinister menace in the form of a motorist and his accomplice thought to be stalking the county and pushing them off their bikes.

In the last two weeks, three separate attacks have resulted in cyclists being flung from their bicycles by the passenger in a silver BMW. The latest victim, 55-year-old Andy Limb, was targeted on Saturday, and broke his collarbone in the fall.
"The car pulled up alongside and then dived into me, forcing me on to the gravel and sending me over the handlebars.

"My crash helmet saved my life, but I didn't even feel the impact. It all went so quickly," Limb told the Leicester Mercury. "I didn't really hear him coming - before I knew it, I was in a heap and in a lot of pain."

Two other cyclists have reported similar attacks. Colin Haynes, 48, was cycling home from work last Monday when he was targeted.

He says the silver BMW pulled up alongside him, at which point the passenger leaned out of the window and pushed him off his bike. "I landed awkwardly and thought I'd broken my ribs," he added. "Luckily they were only bruised."

The first reported victim, Martin Webster, was targeted the Thursday before, though it's been suggested that there may have been further, unreported incidents.

Police say they are looking into the possibility of a link between the three incidents, which all happened in the southwest of the county and involved an old silver BMW.
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