Video of the day: Seal gets a saxaphone seranade

Emma Sleight

Zookeepers at Taronga Zoo in Sydney have found a novel way to keep their leopard seal entertained: by serenading him with a saxophone.

The concert is part of the enrichment programme provided by the zoo to keep animals stimulated and stop them from getting bored.

Casey didn't seem to mind Steve's taste in tunes either as he can be seen hovering near Steve to listen to the music.

It's not the first time that animals have been entertained with music. In 2008,The Guardianreported that playing classical music to the elephants at Belfast Zoo calmed unnatural behaviour like trunk tossing, swaying and pacing.

And reports that there's even a band called Grass Widow who are part of a project called Music For Animals, which, as the name suggests, is dedicated to having bands play songs for a variety of species and who recently performed for gorillas at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

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