Video: F1 cameraman floored by runaway wheel

Video: F1 cameraman floored by runaway wheel

Yesterday's German Grand Prix was eventful for all the right reasons. With a close fought race between Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and the Lotus of Kimi Raikkonen, motorsport fans could enjoy wheel-to-wheel action, with none of the race-ruining blowouts that plagued proceedings at Silverstone.

However, errant wheels couldn't be stopped from ruining the event for one poor chap. Coming out of the pitlane, Mark Webber's Red Bull shed a wheel, which careered past adjacent garages before hitting cameran Paul Allen.
The Brit was knocked off his feet and was taken the Koblenz hospital suffering from broken ribs and collarbone.

Webber, who was in second position and later commented he would have been in a position to challenge for the race win had the accident not happened, commented: "I hope the guy's okay and I very much hope there's no serious damage done."

Red Bull was later fined €30,000 for an unsafe pit release.

Click play below to see footage of the accident.

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