Puppy survives trip wedged in engine bay

Puppy survives trip wedged in engine bay

A Florida couple got a shock when they discovered a small dog wedged under the bonnet of their car.

After pulling over when their car was running a bit ruff (sorry), they found a small brown dog trapped between the axle and steering mechanism.
According to a Broward Fire Rescue spokesman, the puppy could have been trapped in the car for anything up to ten miles before it was discovered.

Thankfully, aside from suffering from being exhausted and too hot, the dog was unhurt following its ordeal.

It is still unknown how the dog managed to get itself trapped in such a precarious position, or indeed how it managed to avoid serious injury nested amongst the fast moving parts of the car's wheel assembly.

You can watch footage of firefighters painstakingly extracting the frightened pup below.

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