London traffic cops disciplined over Harlem Shake video

London traffic cops disciplined over Harlem Shake video

A video posted to YouTube that shows a group of Metropolitan Police traffic officers dancing to Harlem Shake by American DJ and producer Baauer has landed those involved in hot water.

Met Police chiefs didn't see the funny side of the hilarious footage and all of the officers involved received an official dressing down.
A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "The Metropolitan Police Service does not condone unprofessionalism in the workplace.

"We expect high standards from all our staff. Appropriate misconduct procedures have been taken regarding those involved."

The video in question sees a motorcycle officer in leather trousers and boots gyrating to the electronic tune.

His helmet appears to be on backwards, obscuring his eyes while his colleagues seemingly get on with their jobs in the background.

As the beat kicks in, the officers explode into a dancing frenzy as one chap sports a traffic cone on his head, another rides a bicycle in circles while another karate kicks through the air.

To add a further disco element to proceedings, the traffic officers turn on the flashing blue lights of their patrol vehicles.

The Harlem Shake Internet meme spread like wildfire earlier this year when a group of teenagers from Queensland, Australia uploaded a video to YouTube that portrayed them dancing to the song by DJ Baauer.

Subsequently, web users from across the globe followed the lead and uploaded their own versions with squaddies and fire fighters from all over the UK jumping on the trend.

Click play on the video below and watch the London traffic cops 'get down'

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