How much is Andy Murray's 2013 Wimbledon win worth?

Andy Murray

Andy Murray's Men's Wimbledon Singles win will mean the world to him and his team - and of course to a grateful nation who have been waiting for 77 years to finally see a Brit lift the trophy.

But in pure money terms, what will the Wimbledon win mean to the Scot?


The win itself comes with prize money of £1.6 million, but this is just a drop in the ocean compared to the money he could make off the court.

The fortune of a tennis player comes from prize money, appearance fees, and merchandising. Murray is already a big earner in all these departments. The last set of company accounts he submitted showed that he made £940,000 in appearance fees in 2011, and a staggering £5.4 million in merchandising.

He has not yet submitted his accounts for 2012, but a year that saw an Olympic win and a Wimbledon final is expected to take that total to £8 million - despite the fact that he donated his Wimbledon final prize money to the Royal Marsden hospital.

Pay rise

According to Marketing magazine, the Wimbledon win is likely to lift that to as much as £15 million. Meanwhile, the Independent put the estimate closer to £17 million, adding that existing deals are likely to have a performance-related bonus built into them.

The experts are predicting the win will help him break into sponsorship deals with a broader range of global brands, and will seal his role as high-profile face of British sport - which would translate directly into more deals.

Richest players

This is still a long way off the kind of money that would put him in the upper echelons of tennis earners. Roger Federer is estimated to have made £32 million this year - and £190 million in his career so far. However, he has been dominating the game for so long that it's hardly surprising that he's in another league financially.

Nadal, meanwhile, is estimated to have made £19.5 million this year, which is still a decent stride ahead of Andy Murray.

According to Forbes the top ten highest-earning players before this result were:
Roger Federer
Rafael Nadal
Maria Sharapova
Novak Djokovic
Li Na
Serena Williams
Caroline Wozniacki
Andy Murray
Victoria Azarenka
Andy Roddick

Andy's win, and the accompanying windfall, could push his earnings just past Djokovic... adding insult to injury...

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How much is Andy Murray's 2013 Wimbledon win worth?

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