Long term report: Volvo XC60

Long term report: Volvo XC60

Our rugged and definitely not beige (it's Seashell Metallic!) long term XC60 has really been put through its paces since it arrived at AOL Cars HQ around a month ago.

The first challenge on its long list of transporting duties this month was to swallow the entire Baggott family and its plethora of kiddy accoutrements and embark on a 300+ mile journey to Wales.
Feedback from our resident contributor and Project Peugeot ringmaster was almost entirely positive: "It's extremely comfortable," he beamed upon his return.

"I could slap on the cruise control, pull down the centre armrest and let the big Volvo soak up the miles."

Perhaps the biggest niggle from most that drive the big D5-engined all-wheeler is the poor fuel consumption.

At best, it averages around 34mpg, which isn't too bad when compared to similar sized machines but with diesel costing so much these days, it's a kick in the kidneys at the pumps.

Further negatives are extremely difficult to uncover as AJ62 YRV has proved that it can live up to most tasks. Comfortable when needed, roomy when called upon and stylish enough to ensure those at your destination are suitably impressed.

Volvo's obsession with safety means the various 'bings' and 'bongs' of seatbelt reminders, handbrake warnings and hypersensitive parking sensors can grate but we've figured out how to access and alter some of the most annoying features.

Both wing mirrors no longer tilt to the floor when reversing and we've worked out how to deactivate the ludicrously delicate alarm so we can leave the dog in the car when we pop to the shops for the morning paper.

Overall, it's a glowing report from everyone who has had the privilege of hopping behind the wheel, with even the early grumbles of 'twitchy chassis' disappearing into the ether.

The knowledge

Model: Volvo XC60 D5 SE Lux Nav
Price: £40,250 as tested
Engine: 2.4 Diesel
Power: 212bhp
Max speed: 127mph
0-60mph: 7.8 seconds
MPG: 41.5mpg
Emissions: 179 g/km CO2
Mileage this month: 950
Costs this month: £0
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