Top 5 foolish supercar crashes

 Top 5 foolish supercar crashes

We revealed the shocking moment a hapless driver lost control of his high-powered Koenigsegg CCX and ploughed into a group of spectators in Poznan, Poland earlier this week.

The disturbing video proved that spectating any kind of motorsport can be dangerous and that fact is compounded when the wrong car is placed in the wrong hands.
Any vehicle can be a deadly weapon when not treated with respect but a Ferrari, Lamborghini or even a Bugatti Veyron can be the automotive equivalent of a nuclear missile when a fool hops behind the wheel.

Witnessing a car crash should never be entertaining but the five videos below perfectly highlight why some people shouldn't be allowed to drive such powerful machines.

1. Ford Mustang meets its maker in Malton

A Yorkshire breakfast meet of powerful cars ended in sheer embarrassment for one Ford Mustang driver after he lost control exiting a slow speed bend and ploughed into a tree. Apparently spooked by the presence of a police car, the driver can be seen suddenly changing direction and as a result, the rear lets go. The rest, as they say, is history.

2. Eddie Griffin totals a Ferrari Enzo

It is one of the most iconic Ferraris in the line-up and easily changes hands for over £1 million but that didn't stop American comedian and actor Eddie Griffin stuffing one into a wall. Promoting his new film, the funny man took to a seemingly open track, only to be outfoxed by a few cones. For posterity, a local news station captured the whole thing and now it forever lives on the internet for car fans to weep over.

3. Bugatti Veyron and a watery grave

There is very little explanation as to why this ultra-rare Bugatti Veyron seemingly drove straight into a lake somewhere along Route 45 in the USA. It is happily motoring along and then it veers off into a large body of water. Simple as that. The cameraman appears to be just as big a numpty, confidently but falsely identifying the car as a Lamborghini.

4. Ferrari 458 wet weather spin

Filmed on its home turf, this glorious Italian stallion suffered some severe impromptu nasal reconstruction after its owner lost control in the wet. A simple overtaking manoeuvre on the motorway was this exotic cars' downfall - the greasy surface and massively incompetent driver probably didn't help.

5. Lamborghini Gallardo turns left... and crashes

The build-up to this excruciating piece of footage is almost too much to bear. The revving of the Gallardo's engine, the nonchalant hand placed on the roof by the driver and the over-excited jabbering coming from the cameraman jinxes what should be the simple navigation of some traffic lights. The owner – being a bit silly – nails the throttle upon turning left, loses the tail and wedges his £200,000 car between two innocent vehicles.

Top 5 foolish supercar crashes
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Top 5 foolish supercar crashes
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