Video: Volvo reveals all-new safety tech

Video: Volvo reveals all-new safety tech

Volvo is to showcase a number of new driver safety aids on its brand new XC90 SUV, which arrives at the end of 2014.

The Swedish manufacturer has long prided itself on making some of the safest cars on the roads and has even committed itself to its Vision 2020, in which it aims to make cars so idiot-proof that no one is killed or seriously injured by a Volvo by the end of this decade.
To realise that vision, the XC90 will be the first Volvo to be fitted with the new equipment, which kicks off with Pedestrian Detection in darkness, which uses sensors to detect and differentiate between different obstacles, including pedestrians, cyclists and parked cars, and can auto-brake the car if the driver isn't paying attention.

Autonomous steering is another of the developments being shown off. Combined with Volvo's road edge and barrier detection, the system could save a driver's blushes by keeping them out of the Armco by automatically applying steering if it detects the car is straying too close to the edge of the carriageway.

Combined with adaptive cruise control, Volvos fitted with the technology could theoretically drive themselves down the road.

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Video: Volvo reveals all-new safety tech

Thomas Broberg, senior safety advisor at Volvo, said: "When the first XC90 was introduced in 2002, it featured a number of groundbreaking safety features, including a world-first solution that helps prevent rollovers. By revealing a number of systems for the next generation XC90 we once again confirm our leadership in automotive safety."

Click play below to watch the entire range of Volvo's safety technology explained.

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