Speedboats, ice-cream vans and vintage cars: Students splash the cash for school prom

Speedboats, ice-cream vans and vintage cars: Students splash the cash for school prom

The exam season is drawing to a close and students up and down the country are celebrating their freedom from the shackles of stuffy bedrooms and hours of revision.

Schools will soon be kicking students out of their premises but not before they have let their hair down and enjoyed the annual end-of-year prom.
Traditionally, these events required the hiring of an ill-fitting tuxedo, fretting over finding a date and being dropped at the school gates for a night of fizzy pop and awkward dancing. Not anymore.

The rise of television programmes such as My Super Sweet Sixteen and the influx of American influence has turned the humble leavers-do into the social event of the year, with some students splashing thousands of pounds on outfits and transport.

Evidence of this was clear at Wadham School in Somerset recently where teenagers arrived on horseback, in vintage cars and even in a speedboat in an attempt to outdo fellow students at their 'prom'.

Arriving in the speedboat - the aptly named Jealousy - was Josephine Whitehead, 16, from Illminster, who was accompanied by her friends Jamie Spicer, Connor Harris, Alex Jackson, and Aoife Gray.

She said: "Last year some a couple of people turned up dressed as Barbie inside a box, so we wanted to do something memorable as well.

"We thought outside the box and thought a speed boat would be quite a cool idea, so we borrowed one from a friend. We arrived with a James Bond playlist on in the background, with the songs from Casino Royale and Goldfinger.

"Everyone seemed to react well to it and it was a really good night."

Art teacher Charlotte Sneath, 25, who organised the prom at Wadham School in Crewkerne, Somerset, said: "It [the flamboyant display] seems to be part of it now.

"What they arrive in and how they dress is what the kids get excited about. They try and out-do each other, but they all looked great and had a great time."
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