Pub pulverising Mercedes gives new meaning to 'getting smashed'

Pub pulverising Mercedes gives new meaning to 'getting smashed'

Drinkers at a quiet local pub were given the shock of their lives when an out-of-control Mercedes C180 estate ploughed through the wall at 30mph.

Regulars at the Stags Head in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, were forced to dive for cover when the vehicle smashed into the pub as they were enjoying a mid-week drink.> Amazingly, despite the car punching clean a hole in the wall and narrowly missing a group playing dominoes at a table, no one was seriously injured.

Two elderly gentlemen who were passengers in the car were treated for minor injuries at the scene while the driver, a man in his 80s, was taken to Warwick Hospital as a precaution.

Kay Page, 51, a novelist and a regular at the Stags Head managed to capture the carnage on her mobile phone.

She told the Daily Mail: "We were sat in the pub and heard an enormous bang and the clattering of plates and glasses as the bench and the table's contents where hit and moved about three feet into the pub area.

"People were sat on the bench outside the window and had to jump clear."

Pub landlady Katie Keogh-Bywater, 34, said she believed the driver - who has not been named - blacked out or suffered some kind of episode at the wheel.

She said: "I wasn't in the pub at the time of the crash, although I got there soon after to see what had happened.

Pub pulverising Mercedes gives new meaning to 'getting smashed'

"I was just so relieved that no one had been hurt, I was expecting to see blood everywhere but luckily that wasn't the case.

"We are on a corner but nothing like this has happened before, the driver hit three bollards before he hit the pub which gave people a chance to see him coming."

"The driver wasn't speeding, he told me he felt dizzy and then couldn't remember what happened after that, so he must have blacked out."

The pub is now open for business and trading as usual but a large, blue tarpaulin currently covers the large hole left by the runaway Mercedes.
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