Car dealership reaps benefits of female sales staff

Car dealership reaps benefits of female sales staff

A Kia dealership in Greater Manchester is feeling the benefit of a "woman's touch" when it comes to selling cars to female customers.

Despite being in the lowly seven per cent of female car executives, Kate Leach, a top-performing sales specialist at the Middlebrook Retail Park believes that female customers feel more comfortable around salespeople of the same sex, which can lead to a spike in sales.
Ms. Leach told the Bolton News: "The most popular car that women buy is the Picanto 1.0-litre in red.

"I sold eight of the Picanto City version in one week all to women recently.

"Women love that car - alloys, reversing sensors, air con and Bluetooth, the lot."

She added: "It's about listening to the customer's needs. If a customer plays golf then I'd recommend the estate car."

Ms. Leach's love of cars started at a young age when her granddad introduced her to the automotive world.

"He used to work on gearboxes and later worked as a driver for another showroom after he retired. I can also remember every car and registration plate that my granddad has had since the E-reg in the 80s."

Recent research has found that women make more informed choices when it comes to buying a used car compared to the opposite sex.

A survey by vehicle history providers HPI found that 51 per cent of females consult "a family member or friend who knows something about cars" before they make their purchase, compared with just 27 per cent of men.

There has also been a massive rise in the amount of women purchasing vehicles as according to the DVLA, female car owners now make up 40 per cent of the total UK market.

Ms. Leach is perplexed at how few female salespeople currently exist: "For some reason there are hardly any women doing this role," she said.

"I suppose it's seen as a man's job but I don't know why because I think I have the upper hand a bit - it's easier for a woman to speak to a woman isn't it? Woman to woman. They don't feel as intimidated somehow."
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