Woman arrested for drink-driving twice in one day

Woman arrested for drink-driving twice in one day

A US woman has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol twice in one day.

36-year-old Jami Wyatt from Oregon was first stopped by police officers at around midday, after another motorist reported her erratic driving.
She was pulled over and charged with DUI, reckless driving and reckless endangerment, after being found to be driving her husband and two small children home.

After being breath tested, Wyatt was found to be twice the legal drink-drive limit.

She was arrested and later taken to a local Jail to await her appearance before a judge, but due to overcrowding she was released just two hours after initially being stopped.

Clearly having not learned her lesson, Wyatt jumped back in her Honda Accord and was again stopped and arrested by police that evening, having contravened an Oregon state law which stipulates that anyone failing a breath test is not allowed to drive a car for 12 hours following their arrest.

Wyatt was once again dragged back to jail, but in a mockery of justice, was back out on the streets again on bail just three hours later, presumably still with her licence.

It is not known whether Wyatt consumed more alcohol in the time between her arrests.

That Wyatt was free to get behind the wheel and endanger the lives of other road users just hours after twice being arrested for the same offence highlights the leniency with which drink-drivers are dealt with in the United States.

Here in the UK drivers face an instant ban if caught, and the law is set to get even tighter, with suspects now losing the automatic right to demand a blood or urine test following a positive roadside breath test.

The Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond has also announced that drink-drive rehabilitation schemes will no longer be funded by the taxpayer.
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