Video: Teen high on bath salts crashes SUV

Video: Teen high on bath salts crashes SUV

At first glance it could be mistaken for another Harlem Shake video but this bizarre footage actually shows a teen having a disturbing episode after getting high on bath salts.

A worrying trend amongst American teens, bath salts have become the new substance of choice for those looking to get wasted without breaking the law.
However, the lad in this video stunningly failed in this respect, after jumping into his SUV and ploughing it through a fence and into a truck.

Filmed lying on the road near the wreckage, the man appears completely spaced out, writhing on the ground groaning like a wounded zombie.

The cameraman who uploaded the video to YouTube initially stopped to help the man, but backed off after he claimed the man tried to eat him.

Eventually police were called to subdue the poor bloke, before putting him in – presumably – a padded cell to calm down.

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